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Why Buy This Calendar!!
Snake Valley is located in the Great Basin on the border of Nevada and Utah. It is a place of great beauty, amazing natural resources, clean air, clear night skies, and little water.

Approximately 1000 people live in Snake Valley, the same number as when European settlers first arrived in this valley over one hundred years ago. Why haven't more people move to such a wonderful spot, especially when urbanization and sprawl are so rampant throughout other parts of the world? The answer is simple: lack of water. This high desert valley, which is over one hundred miles long, receives less than ten inches of rain each year.

As more and more people populate the Great Basin, more and more water providers and developers consider tapping ground water to supply new cities and developments. This intense pressure from population growth has created a climate for natural resource exploitation, which threatens a balance between human and natural uses of the Great Basin's limited water resources.

Your purchase of this calendar will help support the efforts to preserve and protect the natural resources, wildlife, and economy of the Snake Valley.

Please consider supporting the Great Basin Water Network; stay abreast of all the Great Basin water issues and help us create an effective network of change and protection.

Buy This Calendar — This Calendar cost $15 each, 2 for $25, or bigger quantities at a discount. You can buy them at the Border Inn or from the GBWN ($3 for 1 calendar and $5 for 2 calendars for shipping). You can reach us by EMAIL or phone: 775-234-7265.

Cover Photo by Gretchen Baker — Tenacity

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